Brand Management

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos


Logos, Colors, and Brand Identity

Effective branding is WAY more than just a logo and colors, but from a visual standpoint it is often where it starts. And it’s an important step. They effectively become your trademark – symbols that people come to recognize you by. Done well, it can be an asset, and done poorly, it can be an liability that doesn’t easily go away. Let us help you put together a brand identity package that will best represent you to your customers.

Reputation Management

To the face of the public, you are your brand, and from time to time all businesses make mistakes and brands can become tarnished. In this age of social media and hashtags, the wrong response to a misstep can end your company. Today’s customers value honesty and transparency more than ever. We can be the voice of tranquility when the water gets choppy, even turning today’s crisis into tomorrow’s bonus.

Print Media Design

Your brand is on display every time you create marketing collateral like inserts, flyers, invitations, and even professional documents. We make sure that they are consistent with your brand identity, and present you well to your customers and clients.

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