What are Personas in Digital Marketing, and Why do They Matter?

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It's easy to get excited with a new business idea and just dive right in, but one of the most important steps for your fledgeling business is also one of the most overlooked.

Let’s face it.

  • You’re an enterprising individual.
  • Your custom line of flame-retardant ferret leotards absolutely can’t lose.
  • You’ve even registered FlamelessFrolickingFerrets.com

So off you skip to set up your website and social media.

Slow down there, Sparky!

You’ve skipped one of the critical steps of any marketing strategy, digital or otherwise. You forgot to construct your “personas”!

What’s a Persona?

A persona is fictional character that illustrates the key characteristics of your target audience(s). Personas don’t just include demographic things like whether they are male or female, political affiliations, etc. They try to dig deeper. Your customer personas should really flesh out what drives them, their pleasure or pain points, wants, needs, and limitations as they relate to your product or service. A persona helps you truly get behind the mind of your prospective client and see the world from their perspective.

Why do they Matter?

Businesses often assume that because everyone “could” use their product or service, they should market to “everyone”.


Marketing to everyone will only leave you marketing to noone.

On the other hand, customizing your messages to specific audiences will increase the engagement that you have with those audiences, and if one message doesn’t apply to one audience, they will skip to the ones that do. So long as you aren’t ignoring them altogether, nobody will feel left out.

In the end, it’s about establishing empathy for your clients.

For a more detailed breakdown and a downloadable worksheet on creating your own personas, check out this article from Digital Marketer. And, of course, if you would like assistance with it, we’re always happy to lend a helping hand!

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